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International organization providing emotional support and information to people with facial differences and their families.

A nutrition & feeding resource for adoptive & foster families of a child with cleft lip/palate.

The mission of AmeriFace is to provide information and emotional support to individuals with facial differences and their families and increase public understanding through awareness programs and education.

The American Cleft Palate-Craniofacial Association (ACPA) is an international non-profit medical society of health care professionals who treat and/or perform research on birth defects of the head and face. The members of ACPA serve an extremely important role in the management of children and adults with cleft lip, cleft palate, and craniofacial anomalies. For over 65 years, their goal has been to provide optimal care for this group of patients and their families. Because of the diverse needs of these patients, and the required services of many different specialists, interdisciplinary cooperation and team care is essential to the patients served.

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This site provides hundreds of free resources for teaching baby sign language which is basically modified American Sign Language aimed to be used as a transitional communication tool by infants and toddlers in the pre-verbal stage and little ones with speech delays due to various health profiles.  

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Provides advice for people who are fighting insurance denials for their medical care.

Organization that has a wealth of information compiled for the craniofacial community, including booklets and fact sheets available for download.

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Dental check up
I got this…

Dentist Frank Enriquez is a former member of the St. John’s Cleft Palate Team and is familiar with the team’s approach.

Check Out the following site/blog for detailed and comprehensive Pediatric Dental Care for your cleft cutie  

Pediatric dentistry is defined as the practice, teaching, and research of preventative oral care in children from birth through adolescence. Pediatric dentists encompass all aspects of oral health care for developing children. They also offer specialized dental treatment for sick and disabled children.

After a teenager turns 18 years old, they will no longer receive treatment from a pediatric dentist. Instead, he or she will visit a general or family dentist.

Children should visit their pediatric dentist twice a year. These visits should begin within six months of an infant’s first tooth eruption. Common oral conditions that affect children include:

  1. Dental caries, which are also called tooth decay or cavities
  2. Gum diseases, including gingivitis (mild) and pediatric periodontal disease (advanced)
  3. Dental erosion, also referred to as enamel erosion
  4. Tooth development interruptions and other abnormalities, such as a cleft lip and palate
  5. Early orthodontic treatment corrects severe bite issues in children before all of their permanent teeth erupt
  6. Physical damage to the face caused by traumatic injuries, such as car accidents
  7. Children should see a pediatric dentist every six months for a pediatric dental exam and teeth cleaning. These exams help reduce the chance of disease by keeping the mouth and teeth healthy throughout life.

Dr. Gimlen has been a patient.  She knows the ups and downs of treatment.  Dr. Gimlen also has two children and she wants the best for them, like all parents.  She treats every patient like her own child was in the chair.  She feels like that is what we should demand from our doctors.  Orthodontic treatment is a medical procedure not a profit center.  You should never leave the office feeling like you were β€œpitched” treatment that wasn’t necessary.  We have your child’s best interest at heart.  Craniofacial Orthodontics


We at Julia Hobbs Speech Pathology, Inc., are dedicated to providing the highest quality of services with the most positive results for adults as well as for children and their families as we go through the process of speech and language therapy. As we work together, we clearly state our goals and expectations for treatment and welcome ongoing communication and discussion throughout the process. In order to ensure the most successful results, that communication partnership between us is not only very valuable but absolutely essential.

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For Preschoolers with Disabilities  Placement for students with disabilities is determined by an assessment.  Once goals are written in areas of deficit, the IEP team decides the Least Restrictive Environment in which the student’s IEP goals can be met.

TLC Chiropractic Center’s goal is to provide complete chiropractic Healthcare to your entire family. Dr. Laudig takes all the time needed in every visit to insure that your treatments are successful. She does not believe that everyone fits into the same mold, and evaluates your diet, physical exercise and daily activites to suggest changes in order to acheive a life changing result. This approach is very successful and long lasting.
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As pediatric speech-language pathologists, our role is to help your child become an effective, confident communicator. Using formal, informal, and observational assessments, we are able to determine if your child demonstrates age-appropriate speech and language skills and whether individualized, one-on-one intervention is necessary to improve these skills.


Organization dedicated to improving healthcare for children with cleft lip and palate in developing countries by providing cleft repair and training local doctors to perform these repairs in their own communities.

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Torrance Tykes State Preschool :  Half day preschool offered free of charge to income-qualified families. Preschool classes located on the following elementary campuses:  Arlington, Carr, Edison, Lincoln, Torrance Elementary and Wood. Children must be 3 years old by September 1st and toilet trained to apply. Priority is given to children that turn 4 years old by September 1st.

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