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Welcome to All Smiles Cleft 🙂 Our young son was born with a bilateral cleft lip and palate (BCLP). His personality has forever changed the dynamic of our family and we would not have it any other way. His sister might say differently though…Ha! She just wishes the level of noise were not quite at the decibel it has remained since his arrival. 🙂Big Sis Little Bro

Over the course of our journey in trying to find the best care possible and to surround ourselves with our village of people, I decided to put it all together and share it with other families on their own journey with a cleft affected child. I have shared our experience in how we first found out, first year of surgeries, to present day dealing with speech and reading therapy, dental/orthodontic work and bone graft surgeries. You can read these and more on my Blog. I continue to learn and grow, gathering information and resources; which I share here.

I hope you find the information helpful in getting you prepared and putting your mind at ease for what is to come. I invite you to comment, share information, resources, or contacts you have made that would be relevant to this site and cleft affected families. All Smiles is what I want for any cleft child and their family.

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Disclaimer:  My posts are intended to be a general resource only. They are not intended to be nor do they constitute medical advice.  Any recommendations are based on personal, not professional, opinion only.

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